Majand offers all sorts of possible services in one place, from preparing a plan of the house to its interior design and finishing details.

Drawings – complete construction drawings of the entire house, from the cellar up to the roof. 3D drawings are also available, which can help you to make a decision about what kind of interior design you wish to have.

Manufacturing the log part – we produce the log part of the house, using round or square logs. Manufactured by experienced craftsmen, our houses can last for hundreds of years when properly used.

Materials – if you wish, you can order from us all the materials necessary for the construction of the house, such as wooden materials, doors, windows, stairs etc., right down to every nail and screw.

Assembling – when the log part and other materials are brought to the construction site, the crew arrives. They assemble the log part and do other works according to the agreement.

Details – handcrafted posts or staircase, which have been designed especially for your house, tailor-made balcony railings, of which you may become the proud owner – those are just a few details which can make your house unique. Everything is possible, one way or another.

Get in touch with us and tell us what kind of house you want us to build. We can put your ideas into practice in cooperation with our experts. If you start with a good plan, the final result will also be correct and the works will be carried out properly and completed in time.


We produce log houses using handcrafted round and square logs. The most common dove detail used is the so-called Norwegian dovetail. The advantage of the Norwegian dovetail we produce is a special windlock inside the dovetail which makes it more wind- and weatherproof. However, at the customer’s request we may also use other commonly used dovetail types for joining the logs. Carefully prepared tenons and dovetails are essential in the construction of a high-quality log house which will last for centuries.

Addition to that we offer a 10-year warranty on our log part. In addition to residential units, skiing centres, restaurants etc. we may also produce traditional saunas and other log structures.